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  1. This week is probably the most depressing week ive had to live this year ;-;

    1. Daddidud


      I’m sorry to hear that, Ashley. If you need help, come to the Conflict Resolution Department.

    2. Crying_Seal64


      You alright?

  2. that feel when someone tells you you got promoted and you werent really promoted….

    1. Heliuxen


      Well.. You’ve been extremely inactive.. so...

  3. i literally feel so depressed everytime i get on.... i dont know what to do.... i love this community i just dont understand what wrong with me rn...:61_sob: i feel like an outcast rn i guess.

    1. Heliuxen


      send me a messagel ets talk

  4. This server says there are only two genders.

  5. Legend has it that AshleyStar819 will never win American Idol/Talent day no matter how awesome her singing is.

    1. AshleyStar819


      its bull shit!!!! i swear xD i cant even fathom it. lmfao

      today is just not my day man

    2. Alucard The Warden's Ex