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  1. i literally feel so depressed everytime i get on.... i dont know what to do.... i love this community i just dont understand what wrong with me rn...:61_sob: i feel like an outcast rn i guess.

    1. Heliuxen


      send me a messagel ets talk

  2. changes

    so when will this all be done happening? @-@ its kinda hard only having mods on cuz no one can tp ppl who are stuck or revive ppl when necessary. xP but thats the only downside really to all being mods.
  3. This server says there are only two genders.

  4. Legend has it that AshleyStar819 will never win American Idol/Talent day no matter how awesome her singing is.

    1. AshleyStar819


      its bull shit!!!! i swear xD i cant even fathom it. lmfao

      today is just not my day man

    2. Alucard The Warden's Ex