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  1. Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?

  2. Hey, haven't seen you in a while. Contact a Jailbreak Overseer if you need to, or go to this link and let us know if you are going to be gone a while: If you do not get in contact soon (Within 9/17/16) , your rank is at risk of being lost.
  3. Don't forget that you are special and needed in this community, Even if it feels like if you left no one would notice, trust me, some would!
  4. Happy birthday.
  5. Happy birthday!!!
  6. You're doing a great job! keep it up!
  7. You're doing a great job! keep it up!
  8. Congrats on ownah
  9. Your kool, I appreciate that
  10. You smart, you loyal, you’re grateful. I appreciate that.
  11. Hey yo. Haven't seen you on in a while. Contact me or Markozeeko once you see this message.
    1. Nova


      Ha wii wii?
  12. I know who you are asylum nooberator
  13. lmfao x3 i attract ppl like moths?! xDDDDDDDD lul
  14. Staff of the Week

    [USER=356]@Nova[/USER] cuz hes pretty cool xD