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  1. duudddee nneeeddd ur help


    1. xChander


      Alright I'm hopping on

  2. who the fuck is lil poof -_-

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    2. Heliuxen


      what the fuck do u mean who the fuck is lil' poof

    3. Mr.No1Otter


      didnt know who it was until i looked at the steam profile.


    4. Mr.No1Otter


      then i couldnt delete the comment... so


  3. Happy Birthday 


  4. Hey, haven't seen you in a while. Contact a Jailbreak Overseer if you need to, or go to this link and let us know if you are going to be gone a while: If you do not get in contact soon (Within 9/17/16) , your rank is at risk of being lost.
    1. Mr.No1Otter


      My dog chewed up my ethernet cable. Haven't been able to get a new one yet. I might be able to get back on tomorrow though idk yet
  5. You're doing a great job! keep it up!
  6. You're doing a great job! keep it up!
  7. You smart, you loyal, you’re grateful. I appreciate that.
  8. Never told me you were back man, and you never made a snapchat! XD Hope you're doing well, buddy. Hit me up. My life is super busy now but we should game sometime, like old times.
    1. Mr.No1Otter


      ive been waiting for you ya butt
  9. Denied

    I believe he should not be unbanned. After the incidents with two females, who i will not name out of respect for their privacy, i don't see why he should be in the community. Hearthigen is a place where people can get away from their problems in the day. Where they want to have fun with friends in a safe environment. If we bring him back some people might leave because they would be afraid of harassment. Hearthigen is a family So as a family we must protect our own. So keep Hearthigen safe and free from harassment.
  10. Ey Good luck man Cya later
  11. Love you man! ;(
  12. Thank you for your patriotism.
  13. I'm gonna miss you Mr. Otter! Get in touch when you can, buddy.
  14. ;^; See you soon Army man