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  1. Yo. You haven't been on in a while probably busy with rl stuff. Talk to me soon if you're ever available to get on.
  2. your my bitch?
  3. My nose, an endless battle between my finger and natural order.
  4. xGallaxy Because I play a lot of minecraft and I want to play on Hearthigen's Server. Yes
  5. Important

    [FONT=Playball][SIZE=5]I want to start off this message by apologizing to everyone for what I have done and for the lack of responsibility I have shown as a high tier staff member. Our jobs as high tier staff members are to do the right thing to the best of our abilities and to be a role model for the community. I have done none of this. I have acted on impulse and done things I never saw myself doing. I have made terrible decisions and have not only gotten myself hurt by doing this but have hurt others as well. I let y emotions get the better of me and have not looked out for the community like I should have. I put myself before the community and the people in it. I as well did not take responsibility for this every time it was brought to my attention. I have had many chances and have chosen to persist with doing what I wanted to do, at anyone else expense. I apologize to Swag Turkey for disrespecting him and humiliating him in front of his piers. I apologize to dragonis for making him resign due to me doing the wrong thing. I apologize to Heliuxen, Zelaliese, and ForgetfulCat for not working to benefit them or the server. I apologize to the community and the server for doing things to better myself and not them. I apologize to you guys for not keeping my promise I made to be the best staff I could be when I applied. I have done many terrible things in the community and it is no ones fault but mine. I love each and everyone of you guys and I am sorry to any of you that I have ever hurt. I hope that you all can forgive me and we can move forward from this.[/SIZE][/FONT]
  6. A pandalf. What. Is. A. Pandalf?. I'm scared now.
    1. Pirate Jay

      Pirate Jay

      SAME WHAT IS IT! @[85:@Pandalf]
  7. Congratz Bashful! Told you you would get it!
  8. Hey Dragonis if its possible can you get on I need to talk, I know you resigned but there is something I need to talk to you about. @[184:@Dragonis]
    1. Dragonis


      im not going to get on inless you message me in a private convo about why you need to talk to me
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that you have a great time! Best wishes!
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRDMAN! Hope you have a great one!
  11. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE ! Its so amazing to see everyone where they are now! You guys are so amazing and I am extremely lucky to work with you guys! I look up to you three, @5\-\-Dead_Freddy\-\-5 , @LT\.Kitty\-Kat , and @Johnny ! Keep up the AMAZING work!
  12. I shipped my pants
  13. +rep Very nice Admin :)