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  1. community

    Well, I'm glad that clears it up then. It's more useful than I initially thought reading this.
  2. community

    Aight, the retirement thing is kinda confusing me, but it really sounds kinda pointless. Is this meant for a retirement rank and there is some sort of benefit of the retired rank along with this, or is this for retiring in general?
  3. You're doing a great job! keep it up!
  4. Congrats to both of y'all!
  5. You smart, you loyal, you’re grateful. I appreciate that.
  6. congrats to everyone!!!!!
  7. Introduction

    welcome back Zela!
  8. this guy. I can't wait to come back to staff soon!!!!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Nxy-WFCoM I swear this song makes me want to cry right now with what's going on
  10. Important

    Related to TTT, I'm on a break so I cannot help with TTT much, and I'm possibly on the verge of retirement, depending on how I feel about life in general, anyways I do want to say that I shouldn't be the only TTT overseer (not sure if PC is also TTT overseer, I'm kind of confused on this), but if I do retire, I want Based Sloth to take my TTT overseer position as he helped a lot with the playerbase most of the time when I couldn't. Also when I join Jailbreak, I constantly try to get people to join TTT, but they either ignore it or make jokes about it, which kind of makes me mad because TTT is what brought most of us together from D|L, TRF, to Hearthigen. Once I'm off break, I'll try my hardest to help out DarkRP and TTT. I'm glad you posted about this, everyone should realize that it helps all of us at once if we play other servers in this community besides just JB, I know low key people who constantly play JB are starting to lose interest in it as well, it gets repetitive as other game modes do when you play more than once, but I can't blame them for going to JB as the only opportunity for hanging out with online friends in this community as nobody tries to go on other servers.
  11. Discussion

    Cabin Fever shouldn't be banned lol. I feel like Cabin Fever shouldn't be used at the first part of the day, I feel it should be used as a 3rd-4th mini game when you're trying to get LR before time runs out. I feel we can make a rule around this despite that we already have a rule surrounding that Warden should watch prisoners, using what I've said already.
  12. "Today is going to be Young Thug appreciation day" QQ
  13. well you missed me pretending to be a user named techdeckfreak36
  14. Important

    Hotline doesn't do bad at his position, and I think he should have the rank back. He fully admitted that what he did was terrible (which to be fair, I missed the meeting, but I've seen the times he has acted a little strange and mean), and honestly, we all have our moments of being immature and harsh, which is natural in a human's life. I forgive my nigga Hotline.