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      Welcome to our community! While we are primarily a Garry's Mod community. We have expanded our servers to other areas and are welcome to new ideas and players. After registering with us, feel free to apply and become a part of our family! https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/2/hearthigen-member-application/
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      PoliceRP Beta Tester Applications are now up, Feel free to apply for them though this link https://www.hearthigen.com/forms/69/policerp-beta-tester-application/ Keep in mind you need to at least be an HGEN Member+ to apply for it, If you're not I suggest you apply for that.

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  1. Bark is still better than bork
  2. How long do you plan to retire?: Unsure.   Why do you want to retire?: I don't find Jailbreak fun anymore, I can't fit any time to staff at all, I have problems with my back and problems in life, I might apply for TTT or murder.   Why should you be retired?: I can't fit any time to staff at all, I got lots of problems and I don't want staffing to be one.   Which parts of the community do you plan to retire in?: Jailbreak   You understand that by agreeing to this you will not get your rank back within 2 weeks if you plan to retire unless it was an emergency deemed by Council with discussion: I agree  
  3. Mysticdragonbaxster Uses Aimbot!
  4. It shuts down on March 29, 2017.
  5. noclickebait

    The wooden hoe from minecraft is way better.
  6. Very true, +1 is a good guy.
  7. +1 is a good GRILL
  8. Goodjob! you lived this far, Keep that up, Happy B-day

  9. Happy day of coming out of your own mother meh d00d

  10. What others see vs What I see.



    1. Cpt H Barkington

      Cpt H Barkington

      Should've voted for Gary.

  11. until

    Well I won't be able to go as it's on fucking Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone but @Heliuxen He is Jewish
  12. Congrats on the baby

    1. KiNG







  13. Merry Cringemas!

    1. Cpt H Barkington

      Cpt H Barkington

      Btw I'll be out of town for a week, Gonna leave tomorrrow